Rehabilitation: Renewal for Stiff and Achy Pets

Like physical therapy in humans, rehabilitation helps restore mobility and function by focusing noninvasive therapies on muscles, bones, joints, and the tissues associated with them.

Bulbs, Corms, Tubers and Rhizomes: What Potential Toxins Are Lurking Below the Soil?

Planting a garden this spring? Lilies, daffodils, tuberous begonias and these other 'bulb' plants can be harmful or toxic to dogs and cats. Learn more here.

5 Things I Didn’t Learn in Vet School

From the importance of preventive care to focusing on reducing pet stress at the veterinary clinic, Dr. Sarah Wooten shares some of the lessons she's learned about being a veterinarian.

Don't Drink the Water: Blue-Green Algae Can Be Deadly for Dogs and Other Animals

Thinking about making some waves with your dog this spring or summer? Be sure to read up on the serious dangers posed by blue-green algae first.

Bartonellosis: Another Reason for Pet Owners to Banish Fleas

Bartonella is the bacteria that causes cat scratch disease in humans. The bacteria can also be transmitted to dogs and cats from contact with infected fleas and possibly ticks.

5 Things Pet Owners Should Know Before Planting Spring Gardens

Learn which garden products, flowers and plants are poisonous to dogs and cats. Follow advice from our veterinarians to create a pet-safe garden.

6 Ways Your Smartphone Camera Can Improve Your Next Vet Visit

Dr. Patty Khuly says using your smartphone camera to take a picture or video of your dog or cat's concerning problem can help your veterinarian. Learn more here.

We Asked, You Answered: What Should You Do With Pets During Holiday Travel?

Planning a vacation with your dog or cat in tow? We asked our Facebook fans for their best advice. Bet you learn a thing or two!

10 Holiday Pet Dangers Lurking in Your Home

Are you celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or another winter holiday? 'Tis the season to brush up on pet safety. Learn about winter dangers to cats and dogs.

Your Cat Etiquette Guide: Tips to Keep Halloween Safe, Fun and Scare-Free

Halloween can be scary for your cat. To help her mind her manners, trainer Mikkel Becker recommends focusing on managing her stress. Check out her tips!

Lawn-Care Tips: How to Keep Your Yard Safe for Pets This Fall

Getting your yard in order prior to the first snowfall? We have lawn-care tips to make your pet-safe yard look its best this fall.

What Pet Owners Should Know About Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

It's possible to develop poison ivy, oak and sumac rashes from being exposed to oils on your pet. Learn how to protect yourself and your pet from these plants.

Ehrlichiosis: What You Should Know About This Tick-Borne Disease

Ehrlichiosis is a tick-born disease that is on the rise. Dr. Marty Becker tells you what signs to look for and how to help keep your dogs and cats safe.

5 Dog Dangers to Avoid This Summer

Summer gives us a chance to enjoy lots of outdoor activities. But before you head out, brush up on these summer dog dangers so you can avoid them!

6 Tips to Help Dogs Swim Safely

Many dogs love to swim, but safety should always be your top priority. Here are some tips from our experts to keep your pup safe in the water this summer.

Beware the Biting, Stinging Insects of Summer

Bees, fire ants, spiders and other bugs can bite and sting your dog or cat. Learn how to deal with common summer pest problems.

Can Pets Get the West Nile or Zika Virus?

There are lots of news stories about the risks of Zika and West Nile viruses infecting people — but what about our pets? Are they at risk, too? Find out here.

Video: Expert Tips for Cat-Proofing Your Home

Do you know which foods are toxic to your cat or which household items can poison your kitty? Check out our video to find out how to keep your cat safe.

5 Factors That Put a Dog at Risk for Heatstroke

Do you know how to reduce the risk of heatstroke for your dog? From obesity, to being left alone in the car, here are five factors you need to be aware of.

5 Things You Might Be Doing That Can Harm Your Pet

Make sure you're not exposing your pets to dangers like secondhand smoke, poisonous lotions and cleaning products and other cat and dog toxins like xylitol.


Here’s Why Your Shelter Dog’s Breed Is Probably Wrong

If you adopted your dog from an animal shelter, odds are shelter staff took a guess at its breed. But a new study shows just how inaccurate those breed labels can be. Here’s why your shelter dog’s breed is probably wrong — and why breed labels aren’t such a positive thing anyway. The most common […]

5 Ways You Might Be Contributing to Water Pollution

The health of our planet’s water is critical to life on Earth, yet it’s being polluted at an alarming rate. And humans are to blame. In fact, roughly 80 percent of ocean pollution comes from land, primarily from human activity. Here are five ways people contribute to water pollution in their everyday lives — and […]

What You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD has proven to be extremely effective and safe for our dogs providing comparable, impressive benefits without the need for prescription medications.

Daily Cute: Pet Beaver Still Loves Building Dams

You can take the beaver out of the river, but you can't stop him from building a dam out of bath mats.

Daily Cute: Let this Tumbly Raccoon Mesmerize You

It's okay if you have to watch this approximately 10,000 times before you've stopped loling.

Daily Cute: Time for a Parrot Dance Party!

Jerry the parrot loves having a dance party with his human. Check out their sweet moves!

Daily Cute: Calf Gets 1,000 Dog Kisses

How heartwarming is the friendship between Bart the dog and this calf?

How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Pet

If you have pets, your camera is likely full of their photos. But thanks to animals’ unpredictable and energetic nature, many of those photos are probably not ones you’d frame. If you want to get that perfect shot, try these seven pet photography tips the pros swear by. 1. Consider your environment If you’re preparing […]

Lifesaving Measures to Protect Your Pet During a Hurricane or Other Disaster

In the chaos of a hurricane or other natural disaster, it’s difficult to predict how you’ll react — let alone how your pet responds. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare, so you’re not caught off guard if the worst-case scenario strikes. Here are five lifesaving measures to protect your pet in a disaster. 1. Have […]

7 Things Animal Shelters Wish You Knew

If you’re an animal lover, it probably breaks your heart to visit an animal shelter and see all the homeless dogs and cats. This might lead you to criticize some of the shelter’s practices. “Why are the adoption fees so high?” “Why can’t I just go play with the kittens?” While no organization is perfect, […]

Daily Cute: Cats Confused by a CD Drive

"What's a CD drive?" you may be asking. These cats didn't know, either.

Daily Cute: Pet Tortoise Loves Playing Ball

Watch Bubba the tortoise have the time of his life chasing a purple ball around the living room. So much joy!

One Surprising Result From My Switch to Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Several years ago, I vowed to go cruelty-free with my cosmetics. I thought I’d have to pay a lot more for products that didn’t work as well, but I was seriously mistaken. Here are eight lessons I learned throughout the process, culminating in one result I didn’t expect. 8. Animal testing is terrible and unnecessary […]

Daily Cute: Pianist Cheers up an Elephant with some Bach

The elephant, Lam Duan, seemed blue, so pianist Paul Barton brought a piano to the elephant reserve to play some soothing tunes. Look how sweet this is!

People Who Talk to Their Pets Are Actually Quite Intelligent

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you’ve probably talked to it at one point or another. And even though you may have been fully aware that your pet couldn’t talk back or even really comprehend what you were saying, you still did it anyway. Why do we do this? Why do we talk to our pets like human […]

Daily Cute: This Dog Watching Himself on TV is so Proud

And he should be! He worked hard to win that agility competition.

8 Ways Pets Make You Happier and Healthier

Pets improve the quality of our lives in so many ways. These are proven ways pets make you happier and healthier.

10+ Things You Never Knew About Pit Bulls

When’s the last time you saw a pit bull? How did you react? The average person might shrink back from an encounter with a pit bull, scooping up their kids or crossing to the other side of the street. Pit bulls have the reputation of being vicious fighters, liable to snap and attack without a […]

5 Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Fostering Animals

As I write this, I’m watching my foster momma cat teach her kitten how to play. There’s nothing quite like seeing a 1-pound kitten confidently pounce on a fully grown cat. And it’s surreal to think she might have been born outside somewhere, fighting every day to survive, if her pregnant mom hadn’t been found […]

Daily Cute: Parrot Befriends Herself in the Mirror

Marnie the parrot is so sociable, especially with a mirror image of herself.

Daily Cute: Just a Frolicking Foal

This three-week-old foal loves to romp through the fields and snuggle with his people.

How to Design a Wag-Worthy Playroom for Your Dog (and Why You Should)

If you’re like most dog owners, your pup has the run of the house (and your life). But that doesn’t mean they’re always perfect residents. If you ever have to keep your pet confined while you’re away—or if you have to exercise them indoors—a doggie playroom might be the perfect solution. Wait, a doggie playroom? […]

Daily Cute: Tuxedo Cat Finds a Soulmate

Cats are total (adorable) narcissists, so this mirror love affair makes perfect sense.

Daily Cute: Long Live Noodles!

Sweet Noodles had brain surgery this year, and this video shows a milestone in his recovery. Welcome back to the park, Noodles!

Daily Cute: Magical Bubble Kitten

Ever wondered where kittens really come from?


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